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Today, the development of health technologies and the development of many new treatment methods have facilitated the treatment of many diseases. A similar situation applies to sexual dysfunctions. Now, the treatment of many sexual dysfunctions, especially the erection problem, can be completed with the newly developed methods.

Prominent among these methods are ESWT, PRP and stem cell applications. So, what are ESWT, PRP and stem cell applications, and which diseases can they be used in the treatment? Let's look at all the answers together...


What is ESWT?

ESWT is a method known as shock wave therapy to the penis and is generally used in the treatment of diseases such as erectile dysfunction. With ESWT, a method developed in recent years, low-intensity shock waves are applied to the penis.

ESWT is a painless, side-effect-free method that does not require drug therapy. If the erection problem is caused by a problem that has occurred in the penile vessels, ESWT is an extremely effective method. The formation of new vessels in the penis is stimulated by these shock waves. Thus, it is possible to talk about a permanent improvement thanks to the newly formed veins.

Just as cardiovascular congestion occurs in conditions such as diabetes or high cholesterol, a similar situation exists for the penis. If erection problem, especially in men aged 50 and over, this may occur.

For such cases, ESWT is applied as the primary treatment method. At the same time, ESWT treatment can be applied in cases such as chronic prostatitis or Peyronie's disease that causes curvature of the penis.

What is PRP?

PRP is a method used in many fields. In addition to being used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men, it is also actively used in issues such as rejuvenation in the genital area in women.

It is possible to explain PRP as Platelet Rich Plasma. In this method, the blood taken from the vein goes through some processes. As a result of these processes, rich plasma is obtained from the person's own blood. This plasma is then injected into the genital area. Apart from increasing sexual pleasure, the application in question also has the following features:

  • Erectile dysfunction (erectile dysfunction)
  • Treatment of urinary incontinence in women,
  • Troubleshoot inability to orgasm,
  • Vagina skin thinning treatment,
  • Treatment of vaginal dryness or pain during sexual intercourse.

PRP applications are used not only in these fields, but also in many other fields such as dentistry, neurology, orthopedics, heart diseases and skin diseases.

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What is Stem Cell Application?

Stem cells are densely found in adipose tissue. It has the ability to transform into all basic cells in the body. If there is a cell in the body that needs to be regenerated, they go there and renew and repair those cells.

Stem cell therapy, which is used in almost all areas, has also been used to treat erectile dysfunction in recent years. In the treatment of erectile dysfunction, stem cell therapy is applied as follows:

  • The patient is taken to the operating room.
  • Local or general anesthesia is applied depending on the condition of the patient and the operation.
  • Approximately 60-100 cc of fat is removed from the abdomen with the liposuction method.
  • The extracted fat is subjected to centrifugation. At the end of the centrifugation process, necessary and unnecessary structures in the oil are separated.
  • Only the cells in the necessary structures are released with micron blades. The resulting liquid is once again taken to the centrifuge device, the stem cells are separated from the fat cells with special devices, so that only the stem cells are left in the hand.
    The resulting liquid is injected into the patient's penis, into the tubes that provide erection.

As a result of this treatment, a success rate of 50 percent is achieved. In approximately 50 percent of the patients, the erection problem was resolved without the need for prosthesis treatment. Physician preference is important in order to increase the success rate of treatment.

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