Pediatric Urology – Dr. A. Kadir Tepeler, MD

Pediatric Urology

Pediatric urology is a sub-branch of urology that deals with the urology problems of individuals up to the age of 16 postpartum, starting from the prenatal period. Urological diseases can be congenital or acquired (acquired).

The most common pediatric urology problems:
Nocturnal bedwetting, urinary tract infections, urination disorders, circumcision, kidney stones, prophetic circumcision (underlying urinary hole-hypospadias), undescended testis, inguinal hernia, hydrocele (water hernia), renal outlet (UPJ) strictures, vesicoureteral reflux

Today, with the development of technology in the field of endoscopic and laparoscopic surgery and the increase in experience in this field, many surgeries that require open surgery in pediatric patients are now performed with these methods.

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