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Prophet circumcision is a male-specific disorder, which is defined as congenitally circumcised or half-circumcised and called hypospadias in medical language.

This disorder is defined as the absence of the male external urinary opening and opening under the external urinary tract.

It is very important for sexual development and health to perform the circumcision of the prophet, which is an operation that is usually performed on young children, before the age of 2 years. So what is the sunnah of the prophet, why is it and how is it treated?


What is the Sunnah of the Prophet?

The Sunnah of the Prophet is a problem that concerns boys. It is important to eliminate this problem before the formation of sexual identity, in order to raise healthy individuals in the future. Although it is a very rare problem, this condition is detected in 1 out of 300 thousand newborn boys. In the Sunnah of the Prophet, a urinary hole is formed near the glans of the penis or at the junction of the testicles and the penis. This situation brings with it various discharge problems.

What are the Symptoms of the Sunnah of the Prophet?

In the case of hypospadias known as sexual development disorder; The foreskin has a skull-like shape. The urinary hole, which is located at the tip of the normal penis structure, is located in a different place in patients with prophetic circumcision.

The location of the hole varies from person to person, in some cases it is close to the normal location; In some cases, it may be located close to the root of the penis. In this case, urine is made from the lower part of the penis.

In the Sunnah of the Prophet, excretion is very difficult. It may develop with additional disorders in some of the patients. One of the most common problems accompanying this disorder is the downward curve of the penis structure. The farther the urethra is from its normal position, the greater the severity of the penile curvature. In addition, it may develop with different urological problems. In addition, different developmental disorders such as undescended testicles, small penis and even undeveloped ovary can occur due to the Prophet's Sunnah.

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This problem is effective in making children feel bad psychologically and hindering their individual development. For this reason, children diagnosed with the sunnah of the prophet should be treated and reintegrated into society as soon as possible.

How is the Sunnah of the Prophet Treated?

The treatment of the Sunnah of the Prophet is possible with surgical intervention. This surgery should be performed as early as possible so that it does not affect sexual identity and cause self-confidence deficiencies.

The ideal age for this is determined as 6-18 months.

It is generally recommended that the surgery be performed before the age of 2 years. However, some children can be operated up to the age of 4-7 years. It is generally recommended that the surgical process be completed before starting the primary school age. In this way, the child's adaptation to social life accelerates and the risk of additional personal development problems decreases.

The purpose of the Prophet's Sunnah surgery is to make the penis physically and functionally normal. In patients, the foreskin is usually used during surgery. For this reason, a specialist examination is absolutely necessary in children before circumcision. During the operation, the missing pieces of skin in the area are covered from the foreskin, and the urinary hole and penile structure are normalized.

If there are other accompanying problems (such as undescended testicle, inguinal hernia, penile curvature (cordia) and bifid scrotum), these problems should also be treated with a single anesthesia in the same session. Since the foreskin is used in the surgery, it is important not to get circumcised beforehand.

Regular doctor examination and control are effective in making the definitive diagnosis of the disease and evaluating the possibility of surgery if necessary.

If it is known that the problem in the child is definitely the circumcision of the prophet, the circumcision date should be postponed and the child should be operated as soon as possible. In this way, the emergence of different psychological problems in the child in terms of personal and social development is prevented.

It would be right to eliminate the problem as soon as possible in order to raise individuals who are beneficial to the society and to themselves.

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