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Sexual dysfunctions can cause physical and psychological problems in both men and women.

Today, many sexual dysfunctions can be treated. Male ejaculation, which is one of the common problems in men, is one of the sexual health problems that can be treated.

So what is premature ejaculation, what causes it and what are the treatment methods?


What is the Standard Penis Size?

When the penis enters the erection state, growth occurs in width and height. The standard length of an erect penis is between 5 and 8 cm. In the erect state, it is approximately 10 to 15 cm long. Penis size may differ in race and genetics.

The average penis length in men in Turkey is 12.5 cm. Penile length less than 7 cm is called micropenis. Generally, penile enlargement operations are recommended for patients whose penis length is below 11 to 12 cm, and this length is considered short.

It is possible to enlarge penises longer than 11 to 12 cm with necessary operations, according to the demand and desire of the patients.

How is Penis Enlargement Surgery Performed?

Detailed information about this issue should be obtained by discussing the operation. After a mutual interview and physical examination, it will be decided whether you are suitable for the operation in question.

Before the operation, the patient's demands are first listened to and recommendations are made by the doctor in line with the patient's demands. Ultimately, in line with the joint decision of the patient and the doctor, it is decided what kind of operation to be performed and how much the penis will grow.

In penis enlargement operations, it is possible to divide the process into three: pre-operation, operation and post-operation:

  • Before the operation: Before the operation, patients should not use blood thinners, alcohol or green tea consumption should be limited up to 2 days before. Eating and drinking should be stopped 8 hours before the operation, as an anesthesia will be applied.

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  • Operation: Local or general anesthesia can be applied during the operation, depending on the doctor's preference and the patient's condition. The operation takes between 1 and 1.5 hours on average. During the operation, some fat is removed from the patient's abdomen. These fat cells are injected into the penis and the penis is thickened and enlarged.
  • In patients who have a request for lengthening or whose penis is shorter than normal sizes, the ligaments that hang the penis to the pubic bone are cut with an incision made from the pubic region. Thus, the penis extends forward. In some patients, the penis may appear short (burried penis) due to excessive lubrication in the pubic area and embedding of the penis in fat. Since the fat in the pubic region is also removed with this surgery, the penis is exposed and elongation is achieved. An elongation of approximately 2-4 cm is achieved.
  • The patient can return to his normal life a few days after the operation, but should not have sexual intercourse for 4-6 weeks. Penile bandage can be applied for 2-4 weeks in patients undergoing penis enlargement. Massage may be recommended to prevent abnormal accumulation of fat. Traction (pulling-extension) exercise is recommended to prevent reattachment of ligaments in patients undergoing lengthening.
  • After the Operation: If the patient wants the operation to be permanent, then a second operation may be recommended by the doctor after 6 months or 1 year. Because the process is performed by fat injection, a situation such as melting of the injected fat may occur after a certain period of time.

As a result of penis enlargement surgery, it is aimed to increase the penis by 2 to 5 cm. The information about how much growth will be in the penis is given to the patients before the operation.

Are There Non-Surgical Methods for Penis Enlargement?

There is a lot of information circulating on the Internet that helps to enlarge the penis without surgical intervention. But this information does not reflect the truth. The only scientifically proven method for penis enlargement is surgical intervention.

Is There Any Loss of Sexual Pleasure After the Operation?

There is no such thing as loss of sexual pleasure after the operation. On the contrary, it will have many positive effects on men both physically and psychologically, and both men and women will be happy during sexual intercourse.

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